Exciting News (A FUTURE IN MUSIC)

Travelling through Glen Innes? Do you want an extra, paid, gig? Looking for some live entertainment?

We have been appointed as a liaison portal between musicians and some local event venues.

There will be two primary opportunities for artists  to get paid gigs as they travel through the Glen Innes area.

The first is for artists "on the road" who have a vacancy in their calendar that will "fit in" with a stopover in Glen for a performance.

The second is to book artists with a view to invite them to perform in Glen Innes exclusively.

In all cases we aim to be known as an established and motivated  group who will offer musician friendly venues and quick and honourable payment.

We have set up a public funding and sponsorship page but expect that, in due course, we can quickly become a fully self funded entertainment program.

Get Involved, we are ready to talk.

We are setting up an event calendar with dates from October 2019 onwards. If you're interested in adding your act, artist or band in the future send your expression of interest to Derek Foley via the attached em

Why The Musicalight?

Why Not?

However you say it we're going to be offering a service that will cater for both local independent bands and artists across Australia.

Our first step is the production of an Independent artist web portal.

We then will be providing a booking service for musicians, no matter where you're from, in the Glen Innes district.

Whether you want to set the music alight or simply bask in the musical light, this is the place for you.


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