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Bringing music, whether it be live or recorded, to the public eye will always be a difficult process. Our major project for 2019 is to recognise and generate an opportunity for travelling artists to perform live in new and exciting venues and reach out to a new audience in and around the Glen Innes area.

Listed below are just some of the opportunities you have to get personally involved.

How you can help?

Show your support by pledging your loose change to our innovative project.

You can support this program HERE

Our Inland Live Program

Of all the acts and artists who travel through inland NSW many miss the opportunity to take advantage of the full capacity of the New England area.

It is our intention to generate the funds that can be offered to guarantee honest payment and facilities to those who would like to take a chance of reaching out to an audience they are most likely missing. If you want to get involved in our live music program follow the link HERE.

Can we book our act in?

YES! Bookings are being taken NOW for performances from OCTOBER 2019. If your travelling through the vicinity or are within cooee of us (Grafton is only two hours away) then send me an email with an available time and your requirements including costs. We can offer a wide range of venues from our community theatre, The Chapel, to live licenced hotels and clubs. To start just drop me an email and I'll follow it up to discuss your opportunities at

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and provide opportunities for artists in and around Glen Innes. Your generous donation will help fund our mission.

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